Tuesday, 18 December 2007

going back soon

i not going go over old ground just yet its to early for that i think you will agree since we have only been here a few short weeks. it would be a little later on till i think oh did i write that its funny to look at things you wrote last year you can see how much you changed or some thing they have not changed at all

the best ever

i went to the british touring car championship race at kncokhill the real live race is great what a buzz just being there its not much for a day its £25 because the touring cars were there but after paying for that didnt really spend much at all i went on the hunt for freebies lots to get if you look hard enough you get goodie bags from some of the race teams baseball cap from R.a.c and keyrings pens all sorts of things a race fan could want besides i might never go to sliverstone so knockhill is by far the best thing i didnt spend any money on food we brought our own a flask of hot water some coffee teabags and some sandwiches so you can keep your rotten £2.50 hamburger and your £1.50 flat bottle of coke i have got my own went home shatterd after a very long day

by the way

im like to take pictures of anything from motor racing to just every day life i take my camera everyhwere these days never leave home with out it. Still to take into the football not sure if they would allow that there is maybe some copyright law says i cant take any picture until i pay them xyz amount of money after you buy your camera they are very cheap to run just need batteries and maybe a new memory card have a look around they dont cost much theses days

this is the news

here is the news there is no news. so with all that cleared out of way here is something that affects me xmas two weeks off im to stuff my face and never mind the diet that can wait till next year

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Tuesday, 27 November 2007


hello im im new to this blogging thing my name is calum and im in my second year at aberdeen college and hope to pass this year